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Are you in pain, feeling lost, desperate, scared, and unsure?

Your perception is how you are seeing things, change your lens of perception and the situation changes.

Get Your Genius On lays out practical principles to help you defy challenges that can seem unsolvable.

This book pivots on replacing old behavioral patterns with new patterns and changes the lens in which you view life to a happier and more positive one by using:


Strategic meditations


Holistic self-analyzation


Self-imaging instructions


Emotional reformatting


Socio-spiritual tactics


In Get Your Genius On, Elizabeth reveals the profound fundamental that allowed her to eliminate colossal misfortune when all conventional solutions failed.

Stop the vicious yo-yo effect of trying, failing and gambling your dreams away.


Discover that hitting rock bottom is a choice and not an unavoidable destination.


Become the solution and not the victim in your life.

“You are the closest to genius the moment you give up. Let go of gimmicky methods to solve your difficulties. Your subconscious leads to an intangible extension of yourself that’s ready to dive you forward. Get your genius on and be the solution you’ve been waiting for.”

— Elizabeth Crystal


Embrace your humanity and integrating the body, mind, and spirit.

Is your mind racing and you feel that you can’t stop it? Is it driving you crazy? Are you tired? This book will guide you through the processes of how to make your Genius work with your natural-self while calming down the Chattering Monkey.


Calm down the Chattering Monkey

The Chattering Monkey adds to your stress and goes into stress overload mode, which can create thoughts of hopelessness, anxiety, fear, and even depression.

Use another lens

Be honest with yourself about the choices and actions that you have chosen and are about to take. Make time to review the situation from a different perspective. How could this situation be playing out in the lens of another? Use a different lens to see potential perspectives, angles you can view the same situation in. All of the colors painting this picture is in your mind. When you’re willing and ready to change your perspective, you immediately see things from many different directions. The lessons immediately start to be seen, giving you the options to choose your next action step. Use a third-party perspective.

Discover that creating new behavioral patterns is key to taking the action needed


Learn how to tap into the Genius

Be mindful and aware of your actions and behavioral patterns. In every event, there is a lesson to be learned. If you can notice when you are falling into the trap of an old habit of thought, tell yourself this little trick I created to help, “Thank you for sharing.” This will acknowledge the Chattering Monkey’s thoughts and nicely remind yourself everything is alright.

Understand your role in the situation

What role are you playing in the current situation? I’m sure you have done this several times, but this time try it in a different way. What actions can you take to create the change you are looking for? Try something new, different. Understanding your role in the blame game doesn’t mean that others are not also playing the game. It just means that you are willing to take control of your situation.